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Regarding Individual Therapy

"I had never been in therapy before coming to see Laura. From speaking with her on the phone I had a good feeling. In person, Laura, supported me in learning about therapy and most importantly in exploring the challenges I felt were preventing me from reaching my potential. I felt accepted by Laura and also I was surprised that I could also be free to let her know when something she offered was not helpful—this was not what I grew up with and not what I was used to in my relationships. From meeting with Laura, my self-esteem increased, my social anxiety lessened and I was able to become more productive in my life and relationships. I didn't know what to expect in therapy. Laura really helped me and made me realize that saying good-bye in therapy is as important as saying hello."

~ Lynne


"I am very grateful to Dr. Laura because she taught me that it is okay to be vulnerable... I write all of this to say that for me without Dr. Laura, God and my husband I would not have been able to separate from what my mother thought of me.

Fortunately, through working with Laura in individual therapy and using writing as a tool for words that I could not initially verbalize, I was able to give myself some distance from my mother and learn to how to cry. And that was the most important thing I needed to do.

I probably still have a ways to go in this process but Dr. Laura helped me so much not to torture myself. I no longer worship my mother as a god. I regard her as a human being that needs some serious healing."

~ Alex


"Dr. Laura Young is a kind and straightforward person. When I first saw her picture on the website, it was her pleasant smile that got my attention. Her profile was clear and positive.I liked it. I called her and her immediate response impressed me greatly. During a few months working with her, she has proved to be the psychotherapist she describes herself to be. I am happy that I made the right decision at the time. Thank you, Laura."

~ JZ

Regarding Couples Therapy

"In working with our Priest during our Pre-Cana course towards our marriage date, he recommended that we see a marital therapist to explore some problems we seemed to be struggling with. While we were sure we wanted to be married we also knew that we had some problems that we could not seem to work out on our own. Laura Young was recommended to us and we met weekly for about 6 months. We didn't know what to expect. I had anxiety about our future living arrangements and felt irritated that my fiancée, a student at the time, was about to graduate and we didn't have a clear plan. In working together as a couple, we learned to increase our ability to not only more effectively communicate but equally important how to listen to each other and to accept and often even cherish each others differences. We had a wonderful wedding and relocated to Seattle. We feel our work with Laura is an integral part of our success as a married couple. "

~ Colleen and Joseph


"As our therapist in our marriage, you taught me and my husband not only that it is okay to be vulnerable around each other but to respect each other's vulnerabilities. We learned that when you marry someone, you not only marry them but you are married to their past. I believe a lot of marriages fail because no one wants to respect each others past or get to know each other in that way. I remember being in your office many times and thinking, "Wow, he never told me that." And in your office is where we learned the value of communication. Good communication, not only needs talking, but patience and good listening skills too. We learned to be more flexible and sensitive to each other within our relationship."

~ Mr. and Mrs. Hobbs


When my wife and I decided to try couples counseling, I had a lot of doubts. I'd never been to therapy before. But from the first session with Laura I felt my anxiety lessen and some hope for my marriage return. Laura was really able to pick up on some destructive patterns that my wife and I had developed. She guided and supported us in finding new and constructive ways to relate, accept and love each other.

~ Jeremy


Regarding Supervision

"Laura Young was the first supervisor I have had who had an understanding of systems theory and how to apply it to the work we do. Laura was passionate about the work she did and she challenged me in many ways which helped me to grow as a therapist. Laura was very supportive of my career development and helped me to realize my own potential as a therapist. "

~ Carrie, Social Worker


Regarding Group Therapy

"Through the group experience, I am living a better quality of life. I can truly attest that the growth I achieved through sharing my full range of thoughts and feelings in the safe group setting has extended into my life experience, enabling me to share respectfully, honestly, and thoughtfully with the people in my life. Because of this, I have less judgment towards myself and others, I am less anxious, and I am able to handle life challenges and daily living in a more profound, gentle, and prosperous way. I find that situations which used to frighten, anger or baffle me are not insurmountable issues anymore. Most importantly, my personal empowerment has grown and continues to grow stronger each day which allows honesty, love, and care to flow from me and back to me."

~ Dori


"Over the years, I have referred a number of clients to Laura L. Young, LCSW, for group work, always with considerable confidence. I can see how much therapeutic benefit they derive not only from the group process and peer supports, but also from Laura's healing involvement in their situations and her keen clinical insight. I would highly recommend her as a group therapist to colleagues, as well as to clients."

~ Kelly Murphy Mason, M.Div., M.S., LCSW, QCSW

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