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Laura Young, LCSW Counseling Services, P.C.
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Therapy Understandings & Agreement

It is helpful for individuals and families entering treatment with us to have some information regarding the way in which we conduct therapy. The following are some important things you should know: 1. We will hold the fact that you are in therapy and the things you say during sessions in the strictest confidence. We will not reveal this information to anyone without written permission from you. However, there are some exceptions to this policy: A. If you reveal to us the serious intent to harm yourself or someone else, we are legally obliged to take appropriate steps to protect the parties involved B. If you reveal to us the existence of recent or current sexual or physical abuse of children in your family, we are legally obliged to inform the proper authorities C. If we are served with a court order with the requirement to reveal your participation in treatment, and to disclose what you have said during sessions, we are legally obliged to comply with the court order. 2. Hopefully, therapy will resolve the concerns that led you to seek treatment. However, such resolution will be the endproduct of the process. Along the way, you may find yourself leaving some sessions feeling confused, anxious, angry, and/or sad. Both experience and research have taught that it is usually impossible for someone to make the changes required to resolve concerns that brought you into therapy without experiencing some emotional discomfort in the process. 3. You have the right to terminate treatment at any time. Usually, it is most beneficial if the decision to leave therapy is a shared one, reached after exploration and discussion during our session(s). Unfortunately, at the end of most of our relationships we are not given the chance to share and understand what was helpful and what could have been more helpful. Our therapy sessions are an avenue to have that opportunity and we strongly recommend taking it. 4. Cancellation Policy: Once you have booked a session, you are responsible for that session. If you cancel with less than 48 hours notice you are financially responsible for the session fee. If you request to re-schedule with less than 48 hours notice and we are able to reschedule within the same week we will do so. 5. Family Sessions: A session will not begin until all the family members who are expected to attend the session arrive. If the start of session is delayed due to the late arrival of a family member, the session will need to end at its scheduled time. 6. Session fees: $250.00 for -45 min. individual sessions. $300.00 for -45 min. couple/family $600.00 for -90 min. couple/family $500.00 for -75 to 90 min. Imago session Fees are due at the beginning of each session. Payment forms accepted: cash, checks and Venmo—NO credit cards. Please make checks payable to: Laura Young, LCSW Counseling Services. Venmo: Laura-Young-57 (the schnauzer dog/Copine in front of Columbus Subway is my icon—so you know it’s the ‘right’ Laura)
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